Primrose Trail

A local community group that is spearheading the opening of a safe, accessible multi-purpose trail for walkers and cyclists between Kingsbridge and South Brent

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About Us

The Primrose Trail Group is a local community group that is spearheading the opening of a safe, accessible multi-purpose leisure trail between Kingsbridge and South Brent, following where possible the route of the old Primrose Line railway.
The group is made up of local people who share a passion for walking, cycling, Devon life and the great outdoors. 

The Feasibility Study

A detailed feasibility study of the proposed development of the Primrose Trail has been undertaken. Thank you to everyone for your comments. 
We will update the study in light of the feedback received. Meanwhile you can still download a copy of the original below, and please keep on commenting..

Further information about the Feasibility Study

The Primrose Trail Steering group has welcomed the mainly positive responses to the feasibility study. You can read our response, addressing some questions and concerns which have been raised about the proposal, at the link below.

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About the Primrose Trail

The Primrose Trail group first examined the route of the historic Kingsbridge branch railway line, or 'Primrose Line', in 2017 and recognised the huge potential that this area offered, if opened up once again to the wider public.
The idyllic railway line was launched to much fanfare in 1893, only to be closed in 1963 despite local opposition. The route itself is stunningly beautiful, varied, safe and surprisingly flat; all reasons why the community group deemed it such an ideal canvas for a new, first class multi-purpose trail. The idea of the 'Primrose Trail' was born.
The proposed 'Primrose Trail' seeks to provide a relatively easy route for everyone from families with children on bikes, to walkers less physically able to tackle steep hills and rough tracks. As well as being a much needed new recreation facility for the entire South Hams and Dartmoor, the trail will allow non-car access from the moor to the sea, supporting health and fitness, as well as providing a tourism boost and economic opportunities for many other local businesses.
The Group has nothing more to gain than the satisfaction of using the trail when it is opened. All efforts are voluntary and all involved are full-time local residents. It is currently seeking like-minded people who are willing and able to contribute, to join the group. We are particularly interested to hear from professionals and those with a knowledge of land conveyance, funding, route design and environment, public relations, engineering and construction.
To find out more, you can download a copy of our Feasibility Study document, below:


If you'd like to help us achieve our goal of building a safe, accessible leisure trail between Kingsbridge and South Brent, you can donate to the project here
We are a not-for-profit organisation and all funds raised will be used to directly support the creation of the Primrose Trail. 
Thanks for your help!



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