Project status

Some information about the current status of the project, how we got this far and where we plan to go next

Where we are now

While the Primrose Trail project has been already been underway for several years (see our timeline, below) we are still very much at the planning and consultation stage of the project. 
We have identified what we believe is a viable route from South Brent to Kingsbridge. Since a large proportion of what was the railway line is now in private ownership, we have approached all the concerned parties for initial discussions and identified routes where necessary. This has fed into a detailed feasibility report, which is in now the final stages of preparation. With this in hand we can begin to approach landowners and other concerned parties in order to formalise agreements. 
We have briefed all town/parish councils along the route, and enlisted the support of local councillors and the MP for the South Hams, Anthony Mangnall. In addition, we've had positive feedback from a number of local groups interested in supporting the project, including The Ramblers, British Horse Society, South Devon Area AONB XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX. 
Although we have yet to seek large-scale funding, we have been successful in raising starter funding from various sources (including public donations) and have established charitable status with HMRC. We are in the process of applying for full charity status with the Charities Commission. 

What's next?

Our plans for the immediate future are:
● Complete the feasibility report● Obtain charitable status and begin the process of applying for funding of development● Initiate plans for development of the first stage of the trail

How we got here


The project becomes 'official'

Word gets out, and an initial steering group is formed. Regular meetings start.


An idea is formed

A small group of friends begin discussing the need for the Primrose Trail and the practicalities of achieving it.